The Science Behind SOD


Your Cells Need Oxygen

If you’ve ever seen a piece of rusty metal or a piece of fruit rotting away on your kitchen counter, you know exactly what oxidative stress looks like. Thing is… it’s happening inside your body right now.

You see, your body uses the oxygen you breathe to get energy from the food you eat. This process, known as cellular respiration, uses oxygen to break down sugar and convert it into both energy and waste.

Superoxide, a free radical enzyme, is a byproduct of oxygen metabolism. Free radicals are the toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism. And it’s these free radicals that cause oxidative stress—the damage that occurs to your cells’ proteins, DNA, lipids and protective membranes.

Free radicals attack your body’s 80 trillion cells over 10,000 times per day. As you exercise, age, or fight stress or disease, oxidative stress increases—up to seven times, by some estimates. If it isn’t regulated, it can leave your body vulnerable to further cell damage.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) protects you against that damage.

Scientifically speaking, SOD is an enzyme that alternately catalyzes the dismutation of the superoxide radical into either ordinary molecular oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.

Er, what?!

Plainly speaking, SOD is a naturally occurring antioxidant, found in every living thing. This incredibly powerful enzyme disarms free radicals, improves cellular health, and protects your body from free radicals and other harmful agents that damage your cells.

Faster Recovery, Delivered.

SOD deficiency happens to everyone, every day. Your body doesn’t create an endless supply.

We like to compare SOD to the oil and lubricants that help a racecar to run. Over time, it breaks down, allowing the engine to wear out, right? But if a racecar could repair itself, it might never need to go for a pit stop.

Scientifically speaking, Cellev8 compounds high levels of SOD—extracted from cantaloupe melons cultivated and harvested in France—with other antioxidants, anti-inflammatory polyphenols, enzymes and bioactive plant flavonoids to increase the protective capacity of your biological systems against free radicals. It balances your gut’s microbial ecosystem and triggers a positive neurological response that helps fight disease.

Again: Er, what?!

Plainly speaking, Cellev8 puts the SOD back into your body. It repairs damaged cells, strengthens your body’s primary antioxidant, immune and autoimmune systems, and promotes faster recovery. Click here to order your supply.

  • 1. Extraction

    Cellev8 begins with cantaloupe melons, cultivated and harvested in France, which produce SOD at the highest concentration levels ever recorded. Our supplier uses a patented extraction process to retrieve the SOD from the plant’s pulp and juice. Once compounded with additional powerful polyphenols and soluble fibers, the extracted melon is micro-encapsulated so it can survive the digestive tract.

  • 2. Formulation

    Although many of Cellev8’s ingredients can be purchased from health food stores, vitamin companies and even major retailers, our balanced formula makes the difference.

    Resveratrol aids in maintaining a healthier cardiovascular system, helps reduce inflammation and increases physical wellbeing.
    Natural polyphenols are among the strongest antioxidants, repairing damaged cells, reducing inflammation and enhancing cellular function.
    Soluble dietary fiber balances your gut, promotes a healthier digestive system, increases the immune system and speeds recovery.

  • 3. Delivery

    While scientists have known the effects and benefits of SOD for years, there has always been one thing standing in the way:
    the digestive system.

    Historically, SOD that’s administered orally has not survived the gut; it burns up before it can be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. UNTIL NOW. The key to Cellev8’s success is in our mico-encapsulation system, which uses soluble corn fiber to protect the SOD so it can reach your gut and get to work.

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