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What is SOD?

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). It’s difficult to say, but the science is simple. SOD is a naturally occurring enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful free radicals in cells, reducing the effect of oxidative stress and promoting cellular regeneration. LEARN MORE

Oxidative What?

See that tomato? The same thing is happening in your body right now. Your cells are quite literally rotting away. A little unnerving, right?

That’s oxidative stress in a nutshell.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, each of them protected by an outer barrier of SOD. Every day, your cells are attacked by free radicals, which rob your body of the energy it needs to remain healthy and strong. The process is known as oxidative stress. It can leave you vulnerable to all kinds of ailments: headache, mental and physical fatigue, inflammation, stress, general aches and pains, autoimmune diseases—you name it. Learn more about the science behind SOD.


Introducing Cellev8

What would you do if you weren’t weighted down by aches, pains and inflammation? You’d do more. You’d go for a longer run, a few more reps, a deeper stretch. You’d live a little bigger.

Now you can.

Cellev8 is the world’s first SOD gummy. Our proprietary, balanced formula of antioxidants and prebiotic fibers repairs your body’s damaged cells to reduce stress, inflammation and pain. Get to know our formula.

Why Cellev8?

boosts natural energy

Boost Energy*

Proper cellular function provides steady energy throughout the day and induces healthy sleep patterns. Our gummies enhance alertness, cognitive functions, oxygen, circulation and blood flow, boosting your energy naturally.*

Aid Digestion*

Contains probiotics to aid in digestive health, maintains a balance of good and bad intestinal microbes, maintains intestinal regularity, enhances immune cell health in the digestive system, and aids in balanced gut health.*

Reduce Inflammation*

Antioxidants have long been used to combat inflammation. Cellev8 has 10 all-natural antioxidants to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, promote physical wellbeing and help reduce inflammation.*

Recover Faster*

Oxidative stress impairs cellular function. Our proprietary formula includes natural polyphenols to help neutralize free radicals, repair damaged cells and return your body to a healthy, balanced state.*

Promotes Focus*

Your mind performs better when your body is rested. Our formula helps you recover faster and replenish your natural energy, which in turn improves concentration and promotes focus.*

Repair Damage*

Stress—whether physical or mental—breaks down your body’s SOD reserves. Cellev8’s natural antioxidants help restore your protective SOD barrier and repair damaged cells.*

Maximize Immunity*

Free radicals cause your cells to “rot,” leaving them vulnerable to all kinds of ailments and illnesses. Our formula contains SOD, resveratrol and other “mega” antioxidants to bolster your immune and autoimmune systems.*

Improve Skin*

SOD is sometimes called “the enzyme of life.” It helps maintain bright, even-toned skin, improve elasticity, return smoothness and reduce discoloration and acne. SOD has been shown you help enhance the cells in your skin.*

The Science Behind Cellev8

SOD is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidant enzymes, found in all living cells. It neutralizes the primary free radicals that all cells produce every minute of the day.

Cellev8’s proprietary formula—developed and backed by a team of world-class scientists—works with your gut to quickly deliver SOD back to your body and begin to repair your damaged cells.

The key to speeding your body’s absorption of Cellev8 is our combination of SOD with a blend of resveratrol, soluble fibers and polyphenols. These ingredients are then micro-encapsulated to survive the digestive tract.

Together, these all-natural ingredients help protect your body from free radicals while helping it repair oxidative stress… so you can live bigger, faster. READ MORE

What’s In It (For You)?

SOD helps restore your body to its natural, healthy and balanced state. Our SOD comes from cantaloupe extracts blended with powerful polyphenols and other all-natural antioxidants. Our proprietary micro-encapsulation system protects the SOD from the digestive tract, allowing it to survive your gut and be absorbed into your body. Other ingredients include pomegranate, goji berry, concord red grape juice, acai berry, cherry, blueberry and soluble fiber. Learn more about our proprietary formula.

The Complete Combination for Better Health


One of the most powerful antioxidants, loaded with Vitamin C. Studies have shown pomegranate aids in reducing gut inflammation, general inflammation, and oxidative stress. It also helps promote a healthy heart, arteries and blood flow.

Red Orange Complex™

Derived from 3 varieties of blood oranges (maro, tarocco, and sanguinello), Red Orange Complex helps decrease oxidative stress, helps restore glutathione levels, and also helps protect your skin from UV induced damage.


This fruit helps improve sleep, endurance, decrease uric acid, decrease muscle soreness, reduce inflammation and shorten muscle recovery time.


Aids in digestion and helps to balance the gut. Also helps lower A1C levels.

A polyphenol found in many fruits, resveratrol is known for health benefits pertaining to cancer, cardiovascular disease, lowering cholesterol, neuroinflammation, and blood sugar levels related to diabetes.
Helps prevent cognitive deterioration, mainly due to high antioxidant levels. Has been clinically proven to improve cognitive functions such as attention, speech, short- & long-term memory, as well as elevate mood status.
High in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese. Contains high antioxidant levels which help protect your body from free radicals and cellular damage. Blueberries help reduce heart disease, promote increased brain function and memory, and help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

D-Ribose helps prevent fatigue and aids in producing energy to the heart during physical activities, also increasing endurance and stamina.


Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is not something you just add to your body, your body actually makes it every second of every day in the billions, maybe trillions! It is actually an enzyme found in all living things in the world. It helps regenerate, repair and revive your body’s cells to fight off free radicals, oxidative stress and promote optimal health. Scientists and Doctors have known for almost a century the power of SOD but could never figure how to deliver it into the body properly and now it is possible with Cellev8.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SOD help my body?

When you exercise, get sick or hurt—when you just live—your body loses energy. And what happens when your body loses energy? Your cells lose their ability to protect themselves, allowing free radicals to attack with a vengeance.

Scientifically speaking, superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that alternately catalyzes the dismutation of the superoxide radical into either ordinary molecular oxygen or hydrogen peroxide. Superoxide is produced as a byproduct of oxygen metabolism and, if not regulated, causes many types of cell damage.

Plainly speaking, SOD neutralizes the free radicals that all cells produce every minute of the day. A naturally occurring enzyme found in all living things, SOD forms a protective barrier that shields your cells from oxidative stress. This makes it one of the body’s most crucial antioxidants, responsible for disarming dangerous free radicals, repairing damaged cells, and strengthening your body’s natural antioxidant systems. Learn more about the toll oxidative stress and free radicals take on your body.

How does SOD Improve my energy levels & cognitive functions?

SOD restores proper cellular function and provides steady energy throughout the day.This improves your focus and concentration, enhances alertness and coordination, induces good sleep patterns.

Can SOD aid my body’s digestive and gut health?

Cellev8 contains probiotics to aid in digestive health. These probiotics help to maintain a balance of good intestinal microbes which promotes and maintains intestinal regularity, enhances immune cell health in the digestive system, and aids in balanced gut health.

How can SOD improve my metabolic functions?

SOD can aid in the delay of sugar absorption which will help to reduce the glycemic effect after meals. This helps to manage a more healthy lipid ratio and improves calcium absorption.

Does SOD have any anti-inflammatory properties?

Antioxidants have long been used for inflammation and Cellev8 has 10 antioxidants that are all natural. SOD, soluble con fiber and polyphenols exert positive influences on inflammation.

How does SOD help to improve my skin’s health and appearance?

SOD can Improve the integrity & smoothness of our skin. It enhances facial youthfulness and beauty; helps maintain bright, even-toned skin; helps maintain elasticity, skin integrity, and smoothness; helps reduce facial skin disorders, such as discoloration and acne.

What can SOD do to help strengthen my immune system?

Oxidative stress occurs in the body due to free radicals and impairs cellular function. SOD and polyphenols combined help to neutralize free radicals at maximum levels.